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A Paradigm Shift. The Role Of Quantum Mechanics In Arbitration, Politics, + Defense

“Eonum has a distinctive ability to quantify complex human emotion using quantum field theory to enable high impact decision making.”

Any type of conflict, either between companies, political opponents, or world-powers, involves a high level of uncertainty, emotional volatility, power imbalances, and mysterious information. Eonum’s quantum model aims to make sense of this data, providing their clients with a more realistic assessment of their chances and supporting them in the processes of risk assessment, litigation, or arbitration.

One of the significant advantages of this model resides in its flexibility…the model develops continuously, which allows the prediction to change in real-time, based on the events that take place at that moment…it is scalable and transferable to problems in other areas such as politics and diplomacy.


How A Quantum Arbitration Tool Plans To Change The Practice of Law

A fair world in the courtroom would be good for all of us. Can quantum computers play a role? With a little luck. A time will come when QC will infiltrate every aspect of our lives…Arbitration tools, based on quantum information science, have the potential to change the way trials are conducted and decided over. Making them fairer and a lot cheaper too…With a strong team that includes business development, marketing and data science departments, Eonum has all the pieces in place to make its mark on a nascent industry that will surely change the face of technology forever. 


The Innovation Nations Welcomes Dr. Amir Vahid

Amir Vahid is a data scientist holding a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and a postdoc in chemistry with a specialization in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Over ten years of experience in multidisciplinary areas in data analysis in different fields such as medical, finance, healthcare, and robotics. He believes in agile data science techniques, which results in a faster and more robust industry portable products. He implemented the latest AI technologies such as NLP, deep learning techniques in building different predictive products for finance and healthcare, including trading strategies, cancer detection, and prediction using medical images and biological data.


Eonum is a leading Quatum Arbitration platform built to provide your buisness with a quantum advantage.

Specializing in predictive quantum computing to bring you accuracy, precision + efficiency.

Licensing + subscriptions plans customized to fit your needs.

Be prepared for your future.


Court Outcome Prediction

Risk + Resource Management

Litigation, Mediation, + Arbitration

Legal Document Review

Live Prediction

Market Review


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